We Got Issues: New Times in Print

You don't get a nickname like "Cobra" unless you're pretty good at finding trouble, and that's why he's born to be a bounty hunter. But as Lisa Rab explains in this week's New Times feature story, trouble has found Cobra, who now has to convince prosecutors he's not a loose cannon, even as he plays up that same quality in his bid for reality television stardom.

If fugitive hunting isn't exciting enough, you're welcome to join Tim Elfrink for an exotic lizard hunt in the Everglades. New Times art critic Michael Mills tackled a thrill sport of his own, entering his own work in an exhibition.

Following a visit to Sicilian Ovens in Lighthouse Point, John Linn makes a mouthwatering argument for the superiority of wood-fired ovens to their now-ubiquitous coal-fired counterparts.

Tara Nieuwesteeg gets gussied up for Whiskey Blue at the new W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach. She was joined by a raving moonbat and a bearded pontificater on the female anatomy.

In the music section, Esther Park looks back on the career of reggae legend Bunny Wailer in advance of his Saturday performance at Hollywood Arts Park. You can attend so long as you haven't already bought your tickets to the Davie rodeo that Michael J. Mooney previews in the Night + Day section.

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