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We Got Issues: New Times in Print

In this week's New Times feature, Natalie O'Neill and Lisa Rab team up for a haunting portrait of South Floridians who during the past two years have leaped to their deaths from the region's high-rises. The deceased range from a beautiful and popular sorority girl to a lonely rich man.

But as you can see on the left, this week's cover boy is the flamboyantly wealthy Scott Rothstein, who recently threatened to unleash his highly litigious alter ego, the "Jewish Avenger," on New Times columnist and mere mortal Bob Norman.

But don't cry for Bob. We're all doomed, according to Mickie Centrone, who in this week's Night + Day section informs us that the Fetish Apocalypse is nigh -- specifically, Saturday night at Purgatory Nightclub. "War, Death, and Famine," pronounced our pony-tailed prophet, "have been replaced with Sex, Fetish, and Drunk." Survivors of that boozy armageddon may want to head up I-95 for Rehab Sundays at the airport Hilton in West Palm. That's where Night Watch columnist Tara Nieuwesteeg enjoyed a slightly more wholesome minivacation, replete with tropical rum cocktails and boys in board shorts.

In the music section, we learn that Dainamite is the most tireless reggaeton artist in South Florida, and writer John Hood should know -- Dainamite lives in a cottage behind Hood's home near Coral Gables. In Dish, John Linn tells us that we have an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in our backyard: Basilic Vietnamese Grill, which he and his dining mates devoured with gusto.

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