We Got Issues: New Times in Print

In this week's New Times feature, Lisa Rab describes the pathetic plight of our nation's newspaper industry chronicling the Palm Beach Post's job cut backs. With dread in his voice, editor John Bartosek says at least 300 jobs were slashed, 130 newsroom positions included. Even top reporters are facing severance packages or the possibility of being laid off at a later date.

But for all the journalistic doom and gloom, New Times' Pulpster is still riding high. This week Bob Norman ventures into Rothstein's private lair -- the so-called "inner sanctum" of the attorney's firm -- giving readers a glimpse into the schemes that were cooked up just beyond its security camera ridden, passcode-enabled, dead bolted doors.

On the calender docket, the 6th Annual Organic Hip Hop Artist Showcase is kicking off at Liberty City's African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. The meatless event, which promotes activism and music, aims at creating better communities. The event will host an array of local artists and poets. Check out the lineup here.

Also in Night & Day,  get ready for some blood shed next week at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise. Our Florida Panthers are taking on the New York Rangers. With all the injuries in hockey, it's going to be a duel of who can play the worst, seeing as the whole league pretty much sucks at the moment.

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