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We Make Our Demands After Fox News Plagiarized This Website

Fox News stooped to a bit of copyright infringement last week in lifting a story from the Pulp. In response, we sent a letter to Fox this morning with a reasonable demand for compensation.

Dearest Fox News,

It came as some surprise to see your January 27 article titled "Epic Campaign Ad Brings Obama's 'Captain of the Ship' Analogy to Life." It's not that the article doesn't fit into the narrow right-winged focus of your site, but it was surprising that the article had been lifted in its entirety from the New Times website, replete with the byline of one of our employees.

Sure, it's flattering to be recognized by an esteemed website so beloved by those who appreciate unbiased reporting (ha ha, I know, right?). Never would I have imagined Fox 

News lifting an article in its entirety from our little newspaper. You reached into the bowels of the mainstream media, down to the small intestine of journalism, and found an alternative newsweekly in South Florida owned by Village Voice Media. The Village Voice! It must be a hard truth to accept, like a conservative whose TV is stuck on MSNBC.

Typically, such blatant copyright infringement would end with substantial compensation to make up for your violation of the law. But I'm willing to offer a way to make amends for this vile act of yours that does not involve a seven-figure settlement. Instead, we'll take 30 minutes with Bill O'Reilly. That's right, we can settle this thing with a short phoner with Papa Bear. Hell, we'd even take Greta Van Susteren. In a pinch, Sean Hannity, but let's be honest: He's not your best.

As you might guess, we'll use these 30 minutes for Fox News-style gotcha journalism, attempting to trap your hosts into admitting the conservative bias that is your network. Afterward, feel free to link to our story -- as long as you don't lift it entirely, because we both know that's a shitty thing to do.

I eagerly await hearing from Papa Bear's scheduler.


Eric Barton, editor, New Times Broward-Palm Beach

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