Wearing Sweatpants in Public: A Sign of Crist Coming to Terms With Defeat?

Sweatpants aren't just comfortable exercise attire. They're also a subtle way of telling the world you've just. Stopped. Trying. In the video above, it's hard to tell whether Gov. Charlie Crist has reached that point in his senatorial campaign -- or if he really is on the way to a race, as he claims.

It's video from Saturday of Crist's appearance at the National Automobile Dealers Association. He's shaved, which is a good sign. Hair looks trimmed. But it's a real slacker of a speech. Basically, "Hey, you guys sell cars, right? We're tickled to have you in Florida. I used to drive a Ford Mustang -- but now I have a driver... So I guess that means we have nothing in common. Anyway, donate to my campaign. Crist... out."

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