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Weird LeBron James Memorabilia: The Good, the Bad, the Outrageously Overpriced

Right now, someone is trying to sell an autographed LeBron James jersey on Ebay for $14,999, or roughly a down payment on a condo. It's a white Cleveland jersey from James' rookie year, and he apparently wore it during a game.

Given that I have as much financial savvy as a badger on meth, I started wondering if it's possible to invest in some King James kitsch and cash in on it should he finally bring a title to the Sunshine State. 

Here, a look at some of the more memorable memorabilia floating around on the internet. 

Insulting T-Shirt: There's an entire cottage industry of people making T-shirts that express a certain level of disdain for the Chosen One. Among the slogans scrawled across these shirts are "

Gold Medallion: Who actually buys shit like this? I'll tell you who: out-of-touch grandmothers and divorced fathers who aren't sure if their sons like basketball or football or sports but it's three days until Christmas and they need something under the tree. The only way you'll make a dime on this thing is by melting it down, huffing the fumes, and going on a massive robbing spree. 

Autographed Tegata: Don't worry, we didn't know what a tegata was either when we first stumbled upon this eyesore. According to the Japan Times' head sumo wrestling writer, a tegata is how well-established sumo wrestlers do autographs. "Only those ranked at Juryo and above are permitted to make tegata," he explains. I don't think

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