Weis Man to Visit the Manger

Used to be, the young people would flock to Fort Lauderdale and clash with the old. It was called "spring break," and the mighty beast was slew in the '80s, according to the carbon dating of fossil remains. Now the old flock to Fort Lauderdale for the young. We know this because of Facebook, where high school senior Cody Riggs informs us that fat-cat football coach Charlie Weis has booked a visit for next month's game against Nova High School -- and, oh look, now ESPN confirms, citing that same well-placed source.

Cody Riggs is the star cornerback for St. Thomas Aquinas, and he's being recruited by Weis' Notre Dame Fighting Irish, along with center Brandon Linder and running back Gio Bernard. As long as St. Thomas churns out elite athletes, Fort Lauderdale tourism will have at least a faint pulse.

In other important news, Cody likes freeze pops. But will he share his stash with big Chuck?

Another pressing question: Weis may extend a scholarship offer to the 12-pound infant recently born to a Coral Springs couple. The toddler may not learn to walk for at least another two years, but he's said to have the frame of a future defensive end. Lane Kiffin has already promised a free ride at Tennessee.

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