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Well, Since You Told the Media on Us, Then OK You're Not Suspended. But Still.

You may have seen the Pulp post about the suspension of a Deerfield Beach Parks Department worker who did not seem sufficiently dazzled by the sight of Mayor Peggy Noland. Apparently, Noland and her obsequious Parks director, George Edmunds, didn't count on that employee, Cassandra Moye, sharing her suspension memo with the media. Specifically, Elgin Jones at the South Florida Times.

It's apparent that Jones was making calls to Deerfield Beach City Hall by yesterday, and you can bet that had a role in the next memo. Edmunds begins by saying that he was reviewing his memo of the day before -- the one containing the order of suspension -- and that, upon this reflection "I see the need for correction."

He continues:

My memorandum gives the impression that disciplinary action was requested by the mayor. That is not correct and I want to make that clear.
(The new memo and more after the jump.)

I'm impressed that Edmunds remembered to address the memo to Moye, when it was clearly written for those of us in the media.

Should we believe Edmunds that the suspension was his idea? Well, if he was willing to suspend a member of his staff to please the mayor's ego, then that sounds like a guy who would jump on a public relations grenade for her, too.

In any case, Edmunds reduced Moye's penalty to a "written counseling," but the damage is already done to the psyche of city workers and it's yet another black eye for what was supposed to be a more ethical city hall.

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Thomas Francis