Wellington Ranked Among Most Boring Places in Florida
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Wellington Ranked Among Most Boring Places in Florida

Back in March, the real estate blog Motovo used its calculations and numbers to proclaim Fort Lauderdale among the most exciting cities in all the land.

However, it had quite the opposite to say about the tiny Palm Beach County village affectionately known as Wellington.

In a ranking of all the boring places in Florida, Wellington and its horse-loving community comes out as the sixth-most-boring.

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Motovo used its patented Big Deal Score by gathering information from 775 different places in Florida, each with populations of at least 40,000. From there, they used Census and business listings to get information from each place and city and broke things down into varying categories such as nightlife per capita, live music venues, parks and other places for outdoor activities, as well as the percentage of 18-35 year olds living in each area.

Motovo then averaged the rankings into their Big Deal Score and began their overall rankings.

Their most boring place in Florida?

Poinciana, which is as boring as the name sounds.

And, nudged between North Port and Deltona, was good ol' Wellington.

Particularly, Wellington scored poorly in the demo department -- not too many young people hang here (though, we're sure Wellingtonites like that) -- as well as in the nightlife department. Motovo also pointed out the village's lack of music venues.

From Motovo:

Wellington may well be known for its "abundant parks, quality schools, attractive neighborhoods, and equestrian interests," but if you don't happen to be into horses and you're not a 40-year-old mother, this place isn't too thrilling.

In fact, we'd venture to say that if you happen to be below the age of 35, this place is downright boring. Not only does it have one of the lowest percentages of people between 18 and 34 (just 16.69 percent), but also has a serious lack of nightlife, music venues, or non-chain restaurants.

Bottom line, it's a place for horse lovers. So, it's going to be tough to find concerts and college kids drinking at equestrian events.

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