Were Miami Heat Players Actually Crying After Yesterday's Game?

We know from Tom Hanks' famous quote in A League of Their Own, "There is no crying in baseball!" But is there is crying in basketball?

If you believe what Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had to say after yesterday's close loss to the Bulls, yes, Heat players were shedding tears in the locker room after the team's fourth straight loss -- the fifth in six games.

Who was crying, Spoelstra did not say, but in the middle of a rant about how affected the team is by consistently losing to the best teams in the conference (in the ESPN clip above), he said: "There's a couple of guys crying in the locker room right now."

Was it LeBron James crying? He missed what would have potentially been a game-winning shot in the last few seconds for the fourth straight game -- this time missing a layup over the outstretched hands of Bulls center Joakim Noah. This was also the third time this season LeBron has lost to Derrick Rose, who is considered the front-runner -- over LeBron -- for this year's MVP award.

Was it Dwyane Wade crying? He missed a follow-up jump shot (after rebounding LeBron's missed layup) as the clock wound down.

Was it Chris Bosh? He's an emotional guy. (It sure looked like he was crying in a news conference last week.)

You know who should be crying? The poor guys at the Hollywood sports bar Whiskey Tango -- the bar that has the running promise to pay for your bar tab (up to $25) every time the Heat loses. The first loss of the season alone cost the bar $4,000. This recent meltdown -- and the fact that there are still six straight games with winning teams ahead -- is enough to, well, bring someone to tears.

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