West Palm Beach Man Accused of Attacking Wife With Scissors

A West Palm beach couple got into an argument about the husband's failure to get his vehicle registered.

Things quickly escalated.

And by escalated, we mean the husband, one Joseph B. Duval, 37, attacked his wife with a pair of scissors.

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According to the arrest report, Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies were called in to Duval's home in the 1500 block of Kudza Road on Thursday at 8:21 p.m. over a domestic dispute.

When they got there, they met Duval's wife -- who's name was withheld from the report. She told the officers her husband stabbed her with a pair of scissors.

Duval and his wife got into a heated argument, and he was reportedly so upset he began to make suicidal statements. This freaked her out, so she ran over to her landlord's place, pursued by Duval.

Apparently, Duval didn't actually stab his wife with the scissors but hit her multiple times on the back with the butt of the scissors, which is both relieving and a little weird.

According to the report, Duval held the scissors in a "threatening manner," and the pain from the blows to his wife's back made her feel as if she were being stabbed.

He then threatened to hurt himself and blame it on her once the cops arrived. 

Unfortunately for Duval, his ability to scheme is as good as his ability to stab people with scissors, because the landlord witnessed the whole thing. 

The cops didn't buy his story and hauled Duval to Palm Beach County Jail, where he's being held in lieu of $10,000 bail and is facing charges of battery and aggravated assault.

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