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West Palm Beach Mayor Announces Plan for New Flagler Financial District

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio announced plans to set up a "Flagler Financial District" in downtown to try and bring in more Wall Street types and other financiers to the city.

Muoio unveiled the plans during her State of the City address at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Tuesday morning.

Downtown West Palm is already chock full o' financial institutions, from banks, to investment firms, to saving and loans. But Muoio says she wants to attract even more, making the area home to newer businesses.

"We already have a portion of our city where banking and finance is heavily concentrated. Now we need to let the world know about it," Muoio said during her address to a throng of listeners, including hundreds of business leaders.

From the West Palm Beat Blog:

The area would run from Sixth Street in the north to Okeechobee Boulevard and from Rosemary Avenue east to Flagler Drive and the waterfront. It would be identified with fancy logos, street signs, brass markers and banners, including one the mayor unveiled Tuesday morning.

The area Muoio envisions will be located between Okeechobee Boulevard and Flagler, Rosemary and 6th streets. The plan also includes building a new park will be created on Parker Avenue.

"We all know putting up signage alone will not make it happen. However, it will help catch the attention of CEOs," Muoio said.

Muoio also said the biggest challenge was meeting the demands that comes with growth, and said in her address that the city had nailed down a $1.25 million grant to hire 10 new police officers. She also says that the city still plans on being on top of initiatives for charter schools, and green energy.

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