West Palm Beach Salvation Army Got a Grenade in the Donation Bin

Apparently the Salvation Army in West Palm Beach wasn't too open to the idea of accepting the grenade workers found in the donation bin this morning.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera tells New Times she currently doesn't know whether the grenade is live, but deputies believe it is a real grenade.

Barbera says a Salvation Army employee found the grenade this morning and phoned up the cops around 9:45 a.m. because they "weren't sure" if it was real.

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As a PSA, Barbera notes, "Anytime anyone finds a grenade, it's really important to call your local law enforcement."

The grenade was removed by the sheriff's office bomb squad when it arrived at the Salvation Army -- at 655 N. Military Trail -- and was taken away after the item was placed in a "containment ball."

Barbera says the employee reported that this was the first grenade he's recovered in a donation bin, and Barbera adds that she doesn't remember any similar grenade donations the sheriff's office has dealt with in the past.

On behalf of the Salvation Army, we'll let you know that it probably doesn't need your grenades as a donation.

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