West Palm Beach Strip Club Sued by Marilyn Monroe Estate

Monroe's of Palm Beach, a high-end strip club located on North Congress Avenue, is being sued by the Marilyn Monroe estate.

The federal lawsuit alleges that Monroe's is infringing on Marilyn's trademark by using her name and her likeness without permission.

According to the lawsuit, Monroe's of Palm Beach has been using Marilyn's name and image on signs advertising the club as well as on the club's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The lawsuit also alleges that the club's ads and logo use a silhouette of Monroe from her 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, which features the iconic scene in which her dress is blown upward from a blast of air from a subway grate she's standing on.

One of the club's more popular slogans is, "Who said nights were for sleep?" which is a line from the same film.

Though the club has yet to comment specifically on the suit, both the Facebook page and Twitter account have changed logos that no longer incorporate Marilyn Monroe's image.

The club uses the images of other iconic 1950s stars such as Lana Turner, Bettie Page, and the Rat Pack. And a spokesperson for the club says the place is named after the owner's cat, Monroe.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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