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West Palm Beach Summer Camp Accused of Leaving Kids Alone at Water Park

It appears that a couple of kids were left all alone in a West Palm Beach water park by their summer camp, making it either the most terrifying summer camp experience or the most AWESOME.

The Department of Children and Families is investigating whether the camp, a Kids World of Creation, abandoned four children at the Calypso Bay water park on July 17.

According to the Early Learning Coalition, parents filed a complaint that the owner of the first-year camp took a bunch of kids to the water park for the day and left four siblings alone.

No one noticed the kids were off on their own until the park was cleared for bad weather.

Two days after the incident, the Palm Beach County Early Learning Coalition sent the camp a letter, saying it was taking back $9,000 of funding and accusing camp owner Natalie Love of being dishonest on her application over whether she provided transportation for the day trip.

Love claims that she was watching the kids as a favor for the mom and that the kids were no longer attending the camp.

She also admits to leaving them a lone for a moment, but only to retrieve something from the car.

Love calls the complaint a "personal vendetta" from the parent and says she is now likely going to go out of business.

But maybe it's for the best?

Either way, Love says she might appeal the decision to have her funding cut off.

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