West Palm Beach Woman Who Had a Helicopter Land on Her Roof Is Suing

Back in 2011, a West Palm Beach woman found a helicopter had landed on the roof of her home. Actually, it crashed there after the pilot apparently tried to land the chopper on the street but then changed his mind when he saw power lines in the way.

And since power lines are a bad thing, the alternative was a roof.

Well, now, the woman who had the helicopter land on her home is suing the the company that owned the chopper.

Nedra Obradovich, who owns the home at Floral Avenue and 33rd Street, has filed a negligence lawsuit against Ocean Helicopters in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, claiming that the company should have known that the pilot didn't have the 100 hours of experience needed to fly.

The pilot, John Berg, was flying a Robinson R-22 when he clipped and then crashed onto Obradovich's roof.

Winds of 16 knots, gusting to 28, further disqualified Berg, who had logged 42 hours of flight time in the aircraft.

Officials at the helicopter leasing and flight school, based at the North County General Aviation Airport, declined comment on the lawsuit.

Berg paid Obradovich a visit days after the crash to apologize and explain the accident.

Berg and his passenger suffered minor injuries.

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