A double-decker bike.
A double-decker bike.

West Palm Man Rides Double-Decker Bicycle Down Dark Road, Dies

Police say 30-year-old Brian T. Magan was riding a double-decker bicycle down Purdy Lane in West Palm Beach on Saturday night. He was wearing dark clothes and had his bike painted gray. He wasn't wearing a helmet, and his mutant bike didn't have reflectors.

And he got hit by a van.

Magan became the 55th Palm Beach traffic fatality this year after being hit by 55-year-old David Kraft just east of South Military Trail, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. It was just after 10:30 Saturday night when it happened; he was taken to Delray Medical Center and died of head injuries at 1:30 Sunday afternoon. PBSO hasn't responded with whether the driver faces any charges.


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