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West Palm, Miami Lose "Sweatiest City" Honor to Phoenix

In an unabashed marketing ploy, the makers of Old Spice deodorant have ranked the Top 20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities.  Phoenix took the top spot, Miami came in at number 7, and West Palm Beach placed at number 8.

Old Spice number-crunchers say that "Phoenix's average temperature was 94 degrees in June, July and August during 2001-2008, resulting in the average Phoenix resident producing 27.7 ounces of sweat per hour (more than 2 cans of soda)." Gross!

They went on to say that "the Sunshine State is home to 25 percent of the Top-20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities," with Tampa at number 9, Orlando at number 10, and Fort Myers at number 14.

"Florida actually comes out on top when it comes to quantity of sweat (due to larger populations). Collectively, the five Florida cities produce nearly 2 million gallons of sweat -- enough to fill Shamu's tank in about 3.25 hours (that's 6.5 million gallons)!"

As a prize, Old Spice is sending the mayor of Phoenix 94 bars of deodorant to donate to the charity of his choice.  What?! Lois Frankel gets nothin'?!!


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