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West Palm Pedophile Gets 40 Years in the Pen for Letting the Cops Know He Molests Kids

Allen Mark Levinson likes molesting kids so much that even with a previous conviction for aggravated sexual abuse, he decided to let the cops know again -- in a chatroom called "dadanddaughtersex" -- that he molested his daughter throughout her childhood.

He's going to prison for that.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced that Levinson -- a 68-year-old West Palm Beach resident and two-time convicted sex offender -- was sentenced to 40 years in prison by a district judge.

Levinson -- who's an old hand at molesting kids after being convicted in 1998 of sexually abusing a 7-year-old youngster -- decided to be a typical pedophile creep and head to internet chatrooms to get off to little kids.

Authorities say Levinson went to his chatroom of choice, operating under the elegant name of "dadanddaughtersex," and tried to convince a guy to put his 8-year-old kid on a webcam.

The problem for Levinson is that the 8-year-old didn't exist because he was actually chatting up an undercover cop.

While Levinson was chatting with the po-po over the webcam, he "engaged in sexual activity" and tried to get the cop and imaginary kid to do the same, authorities say.

Instead, Levinson got arrested.

In typical pedophile fashion, they seized his computer and found it was full o' kiddie porn, as well as hundreds of chats that weren't with cops in which he admitted to people that he just loves molesting kids.

Levinson was convicted at trial of "using a computer to attempt to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity, and committing the enticement while being required by law to register as a sexual offender," the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

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