Westboro Baptist "Church" Coming to Fort Lauderdale to Scare Children

Fred Phelps and the rest of the "God hates fags" crew from the Westboro Baptist Church in Nowhere, Kansas, say they're coming to Fort Lauderdale on December 8.

Remember, Fred Phelps told the Pulp back in July that he was gathering up the gang to protest the funeral of 24-year-old U.S. Army Spc. Jordan Christopher Schumann in Fort Pierce, but he didn't quite tell the truth.

Still, they plan on scaring the shit out of high school kids early in the afternoon of December 8, and thanks to state Rep. Pat Rooney's idea to try yet again for a funeral buffer-zone law, the Baptist bozos claim they're showing up at Broward College in Davie before that to protest the bill.

The Phelps clan did say something nice about Broward College -- sort of.

"Broward College is representative of all the colleges of Florida," they say in the church's announcement. "So we will stand on the public right-of-way and deliver a final call to your children. You have taught them rebellion; every day of their lives, including teaching them that God is a liar. That when God said sodomy was abomination that it was a lie, and in fact, it is OK to be gay! God said no fornication or adultery, but you taught them that they could change their sex partners more often than they change their socks."

Kind of like Shirley Phelps-Roper's son being born out of wedlock.

Then it's straight to Stranahan High School after that, where, surprisingly, they may allege that God isn't a fan of the so-called "fags."

They claim the parents have failed their "duty" to order their children to obey things out the Bible -- kind of like Fred Phelps did with his son.

That said, here's our favorite Westboro Baptist Church sign:

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