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Western High Teens Headed to Their Prom Rescue Crash Victims

A bunch of teens from Western High in Davie were headed to their high school prom on Saturday night when they decided to stop off and become heroes first by rescuing seven people, including two children, from a van that had flipped over on I-595.

The teens, clad in tuxes and prom dresses and attire, were riding in their rented Cadillac Escalade, headed for the festivities, when they saw a Honda Odyssey swerve across them. The van veered out of control and slammed into a wall, flipping over onto the driver's side.

The limo's driver, Danny Izzi of Avanti Limousines and Airport Transportation, slammed on the brakes and heard screams coming from inside the van.

That's when he and the 20 teens leapt from the limo and ran over to the flipped over van to help the passengers.

Unable to pry the doors open, Izzi kicked the back window open. Meanwhile, one of the students climbed up onto the van and was able to get the sliding door open. The student was able to pull out the two children, a 9-year-old and a 2-year-old.

Izzi rescued a baby that had fallen from the crash and handed it over to one of the female teens.

Fire rescue and police showed up soon after, and six of the passengers from the van were taken to Westside Regional, while another was taken to Broward Health Medical Center.

The driver of the van was charged with failure to use due care and violation of a child restraint law, because the 2-year-old was not in a child restraining seat.

The good news, however, is that no one was seriously hurt.

The 20 teens piled back into their Escalade and went on to party down at the Westin Hotel at Fort Lauderdale beach with a story that will trump all "Dude I got the most epic prom story ever!!" for all time.

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