Westley the Bear: Paddington Bear Books Are a Pack of Lies

Shortly before Westley the Bear succumbed to the gunshot wounds in southeast Georgia Saturday, he was heard to curse the name of the bear that apparently inspired his bold efforts at assimilation: Paddington.

You can see a video of Paddington above. That bear, it is said, traveled from "the darkest Peru" and upon arriving in Great Britain was welcomed by the Brown family, who were impressed by his gentile manner and zeal for adventure, so much so that they invited Paddington into their home, trusting him not to devour their two children Jonathan and Judy.

So we can assume that Westley the Bear, despite his rather rude treatment in Weston earlier this year, crossed the state line in Georgia with hopes of meeting a Brown family of his own. Instead, he met the business end of Ken Boyette's shotgun. "I didn't have a choice. He had no fear of humans," Boyette told the Times-Union. No, and when he finally learned to fear humans, it was too late for Westley.


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