Escobar's cycling team
Escobar's cycling team
Javier Alba

Weston Cyclist Luis Escobar Died of Blunt Head Trauma; Car Driver Won't Be Charged

Last month, cyclist Luis Escobar died after colliding with a car during a weekly group ride in Weston.

At the time of his death, fellow cyclists speculated that he might have had a heart attack first, and then collided with the car. A medical examiner's report concludes that Escobar, 5, died of blunt head trauma. The death was ruled an accident by the medical examiner.

Broward Sheriff's Office spokesperson Keyla Concepcion says that no charges are likely to be filed against the driver of the vehicle since it seemed that the rider was at fault.

As she stated in her press release the day after the August 13 incident, "For reasons unknown, Escobar rode out of the bike lane and across the right lane, striking the side of the vehicle in the left lane."

Kurt Koetsier, the organizer for the Team Memorial weekly rides, says he wasn't with the group the night that Escobar died, but that "no one is blaming the driver."

"I only met [Escobar] four times," Koetsier said, but his heart went out to Escobar's fiancee, "the most wonderful person you'd ever want to meet." Since Escobar's death, he said, the group has a serious talk about safety before each ride. They always did talk about safety, but now, "it's like a safety cheerleading thing," he said.


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