Weston School Gets Its MTV

It's rare that a headline really pisses me off. This one did. The Queen of Mean strikes again. I remember writing a piece about her new prison digs when I was doing a fellowship at the Lexington Herald-Leader back in the day (I went out to the women's prison and got catcalled by the inmates so much I came to know why women don't like it. I'm not an object, goddammit!). I'd like to describe where Hellmsley is now, but Dante already got it down pretty well.

But I wouldn't waste a whole post on her. Did you hear about the student newspaper at Cypress Bay High School in Weston? The newspaper, called The Circuit, is going to be the subject of an MTV reality show called "The Paper."

Said one producer, "MTV has always been about reflecting the lives and interests of our audience, and 'The Paper' is a perfect example. The compelling and fiercely competitive personalities of these student journalists prove that the news doesn't stop -- even in high school."

I don't want to be anything but supportive of yung journalists, even if they are from Weston, but I hope this isn't just going to be another melodrama about insufferable rich kids who live in huge houses. And the last time a South Florida cadre of young people was followed for documentary purposes, it led to a disappointing pile of crap.

But I'm holding out hope.

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