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-- If you're tired of being mad, Sunrise, how about Hollywood? The Balance Sheet, a Hollywood political sheet, has looked into the city's efforts to get wi-fi, and it appears to be another multimillion-dollar government boondoggle. This one involves a hefty Bank of America loan and the company Johnson Controls.  

-- The Fort Lauderdale mayor, Jack Seiler, achieves a great political feat: He grandstanded against grandstanding about the Gulf oil spill.

-- In a peculiar move, Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman is moving to bring Broward's constitutional officers -- the sheriff, supervisor of elections, clerk of courts, property and appraiser -- under the heading of "county charter officers." Look, I don't exactly this really means, but Property Appraiser Lori Parrish isn't happy about it and sent a letter to Lieberman today voicing her displeasure. "The proposal creates real conflicts of

interest between the Commission and entities which must function independently," Parrish wrote. "Florida law intended there to be a meaningful check-and-balance system between the [tax appraiser] and the taxing authorities which set the millage rates."

It goes on about more nefariousness that could ensue that you can read

about here in Parrish's letter. But it's all about power. The question is why is Lieberman -- who is always cooking things up -- is doing what she's doing. Unfortunately, I don't have time today to get that question answered.
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