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What the Hell Are They Building at Gulfstream Park?

For the past few months, anyone who has driven past Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino on Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach has noticed a curious shape taking form: a giant statue of a mythical creature. It is a massive and curious sight to behold, especially juxtaposed against the shopping-mall landscape that includes a Crate & Barrel and a Rok:Brgr.

Turns out the sculpture is a bronze Pegasus that was envisioned by the company's owner and is being built at a cost of $30 million. The Miami Herald described it as a "110-foot-tall winged horse slaying a dragon."

The project manager told the Herald it is designed to represent good over evil. The Herald noted that some nearby homeowners and businesses will be looking up the horse's butt for years to come.

Parts were shipped from China in 26 shipping containers, and a special team was brought in to put it together, the Herald reports.

Andy Harris, a realtor, told the paper: "Because nothing says 'Welcome to Gulfstream Park' better than a horse stomping on a lizard that was made in China."

Racing season starts Saturday at Gulfstream. New Times named Gulfstream the Best Casino this year. Here are some details about the racing season.


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