What The Hell Is A Jim Belushi Performance?

The Palm Beach Post's bloated blogosphere has apparently had a bit of a shake-up. Cops reporter Andrew Marra is no longer writing crime (he's gone to GA) and taking over his crime blog, Behind The Yellow Tape, is reporter Stephanie Slater. Her debut is fairly promising. There's a post featuring perhaps the worst police operation name of all time. It was a sting at Delray Oaks Natural Area targeting men who like to frolic in the public park's bushes (like the 45-year-old married man arrested with a 30-year-old fellow after he was found out there on "his knees"). The name: Operation Lunch Munch.

Yeah, I know. Ew.

The Last of the Five W's Okay can't tell you who won the prize, since it might jeopardize the winner's, well, livelihood, but that Mara/Koslow photograph was taken at the 2004 Art and Culture Center Crystal Vision Gala, which was held at the Seminole Hard Rock and allegedly featured a performance by Jim Belushi.

Congratulations, mystery winner. And I would apologize to Belushi for having to see such garb while visiting Broward County, but he still owes us all for that terrible "According to Jim" show that I believe is somehow still on the air.

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