What Was Swiped On Black Friday in Boca Town Center?

Something about the holidays inspires shoplifters. Maybe it's those crowded malls, which provide camouflage for organized gangs and run-of-the-mill kleptos. With the economy in the dumps, retail theft is expected to be especially brisk this year. The National Retail Federation says the winter holiday season accounts for nearly a third of the more than $30 billion that the industry loses each year to thieves and scammers.   

The Boca Raton Police Department stepped up surveillance at the Town Center mall on Black Friday; this hyper-vigilance should last through the New Year.

After the jump, some of the items that shoplifters tried to nab on Black Friday:

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--A $187 Ed Hardy hoodie embellished with a skull & gun at Nordstrom. Click here to view the police report.

--A $65 Tommy Hilfiger striped shirt at Macy's. Police report here.

--Hair clips worth $5.50 from Claire's (hey, the would-be thief is 12!). Police Report

--Assorted clothing worth $379 (including another piece of Ed Hardy) from Macy's with the help of a horny sales associate who was "trying to hook up" with the thief, a classmate. Police Report

The lesson? For those who covet Ed Hardy shirts, karma's a bitch. Also, that the holidays bring out the best, and worst, in us.

-- Amy Guthrie

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