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What Would Ochocino Do? Halle Berry?

The NFL has a lot of hate-able wide receivers. Liberty City product, Chad Ochocinco (former Chad Johnson) is not one of them.

A brief background: Three years ago, as Chad Johnson, he declared a new nickname for himself, based on his Cincinnati Bengals jersey number: Ocho Cinco (no, that isn't eighty-five in Spanish).

Two years ago he created a patch with the nickname stitched over his name on the back of his jersey. (His quarterback, Carson Palmer, ripped it off as a dramatic pre-game introduction.) And the NFL fined the wideout.

Last year, he legally changed his last name here in Florida to Ochocinco (one word, not Ocho Cinco), in hopes he'd finally get to use the moniker on his jersey. He wasn't--the NFL said they already had binding jersey deals with the name Johnson.

This year, his ninth in the league, Ochocinco will be allowed to wear his legal name: but he has to have the one-word Ochocinco.

But the fun of Chad extends far beyond his nomenclature. He dyes his hair, practices celebrations, and even got a fake facial tattoo of the state of Florida. And this week he announced he plans to use Twitter during games this season. The NFL heads, who met recently in Fort Lauderdale, say they have not approved that message.

It might not be such a bad idea though, he's entertaining. Jump for some recent samples, which include Ochocinco's thoughts on Terrell Owens, ESPN, and Halle Berry.

Two days ago, Ochocinco posted:

Eating at Davids Cafe with Drew " show me the money " Rosenhaus , Robert, Mike, got to be the best agent in the world.

A few minutes later, he asked his fans for possible slogans for the Reebok t-shirts he plans to make for the upcoming HBO reality show, hard Knocks, about Bengals training camp:

I need some ideas for slogans for Reebok shirts for Hard Knocks, shoot ideas to me please

Yesterday he discussed working out with fellow Rosenhaus representee, T.O. (Ochocinco sometimes refers to himself as "Estaban":

Just finished running 16 110 yard dashes with my boy T.O., dude is in Hella shape, enjoyed the workout!


He challenged Estaban to a race in the 40 yard dash< to be continued soon!

Then, joking about how much press his comments about twitter were getting:

Funny, everything i say goes straight to ESPN, if thats the case i am dating Halle Berry, i hope this makes it to! This is 4 fans not media

I will help ESPN with there ratings because there is no interesting news this time of year anyway. WWOCD

That's right. That last bit is What Would Ocho Cinco Do?

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