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What's Missing From This Picture?

Ah, the Fourth of July. A time to remember our freedoms to say what we want, do as we please, and publish a front page of a newspaper without any articles on it. That's the way the Sun-Sentinel celebrated, anyway. Their cramped front page came sans stories. Just a photo montage of people literally draping themselves in the flag, the usual cluttered, oversized junk drawer, and, of course, a sizable Comcast ad at the bottom.

The cover does allude to several Americans' "stories" inside, but they turn out to be tiny vignettes. No, vignettes is too good a word. They're snippets, every one of them about as illuminating as one of those junk drawer blurbs.

I looked at a lot of newspapers across the country this morning and I'm betting the Sentinel is the only non-tabloid to go story-free on the front. It's an interesting move -- maybe they can get those troublesome and ungainly reported stories out of the newspaper altogether some day. The advertisers would love it, after all.

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