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What's Open and Closed in Broward on Thanksgiving Day 2015

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving. Which means, unless you're traveling, you're home, chillin, watching the parade, some football, and eating until your pants explode. Hell yea, Thanksgiving!

Of course, you'll inevitably have that moment where you remember that you forgot to buy enough deserts, or learn that your middle aged Uncle is bringing his new 20-year-old girlfriend for dinner this year, and now you need more stuffing.

Whatever the case may be, here is a list of things that will be open and things that will be closed in Broward on Thursday:

Winn-Dixie: Open 

Sedano’s: Open

Walmart: Open

Kmart: Open

You should call your local stores for exact scheduling but, for the most part, the above stores should be open until at least 4:00 p.m. 

Winn-Dixie Pharmacies: Closed 

Publix: Closed

Costco: Closed

Tri-Rail: Will be operating on a weekend schedule for Thanksgiving

County Transit: Will be operating on a Sunday schedule for Thanksgiving

Garbage Collection: Will operate on a normal schedule

County Offices: Closed Thursday and Friday

County Courts: Closed Thursday and Friday

Public Schools: Closed Wednesday-Friday

Post Offices: Closed

Banks: Most major banks are closed on Thanksgiving Day, though you should check with your bank just in case
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