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What's the Appropriate Wedding Gift for a Trump Bride?

For those on the wedding guest list, good luck shopping for that gift. And surely there are some fortunate few among our locals who will be present, especially since Palm Beach's Mar-a-Lago is the likely setting for the freshly Tweeted Jared Kushner-Ivanka Trump nuptials.

An intriguing choice, given the historic tension between Palm Beach's Jewish residents and its WASPs, plus the rumors that religious incompatibility nearly split this couple for good last year.

The Donald sounds like he's finally come around to the idea that Kushner's a good match, probably because the lad's proven adept at stroking his future in-law's sky-scraping ego. Example: Last month, the Kushner-owned New York Observer bumped Trump to No. 16 on its precious list of powerful real estate barons, when the previous year's family feud just might have played a role in relegating Trump to No. 38.

Since the Palm Beach Daily News is wise to the Trump-Kushner lust for lists, my guess is that in lieu of some expensive gift, "The Shiny Sheet" will bestow upon the couple status as the Wedding of the Year, with Wedding of the Century a distinct possibility.

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Thomas Francis