What's This Guy Still Doing In Politics?

Broward County: The only place someone can be elected mayor and it not even be mentioned that he's suspected of having had a sexual relationship with a teenaged student -- and later fathered her child -- while he was teaching at a local high school.

Josephus Eggelletion, the newest Broward County mayor, is accused in court of having had sex with Angelita Sanders when she was a student of his at Dillard High School back in the late 1970s. What is established as fact is that he fathered a child by his former student in 1987 and she is suing him for child support. Elgin Jones at the Broward Times has broken several stories concerning the allegations.

On top of that, Eggelletion has served as a lobbyist for affordable housing developers that do business with the county. Let's see if the dailies publish anything about that in tomorrow's stories. Early web versions in the Herald and Sun-Sentinel don't. This is as far as Bill Hirshman goes in the Sentinel version (which is more complete at this stage than the Herald rendition):

Eggelletion, 57, has been praised for championing minorities' concerns and ensuring that constituents in central Broward's District 9 benefit from county programs. But he has developed enemies as well and has battled alleged ethics allegations since joining the board in 2000.

Utterly meaningless schlock, that. Read this to see how Eggelletion operates (the commissioner later had to admit he'd been paid by United Homes in his financial disclosure).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.