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What's With the Fanjuls and Their Labradors?

Two Labrador retrievers that belonged to sugar baron Pepe Fanjul Jr. and his wife, Lourdes, died over the weekend, forgotten in the back of a locked Range Rover for more than five hours, where temperatures reached 88 degrees. 

The Shiny Sheet reports the couple was confused about who was supposed to go get the dogs out of the car. 

It's not clear if the couple will be charged. Calls made to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control seeking comment were not returned Monday. 

This isn't the first time a Fanjul has lost track of a Labrador. In 2003, Pepe Fanjul spent serious coin on a private detective, publicist, and a California-based pet recovery service called Sherlock Bones, in hopes of tracking down his George, who was last seen with a dog walker. 

Of course, some say the Fanjuls treat people worse than they treated their two Labs -- for more on that, read this story.

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