When Leprechauns and Tooth Fairies Attack

If the leprechaun and the tooth fairy ever mated, their children would probably have committed acts like the one that occurred August 11 in Boynton Beach. That's when a 54-year-old man named Miguel Tomas Jan Pascual was attacked by three boyish but vicious creatures.

According to the police report, the three youths jumped him without uttering a word of warning. "Three of the victim's six teeth had been knocked out of his mouth," said the police report. Although that makes it sound like he had only six teeth total. Back to the report, Pascual told police, "The suspects must have taken his other three teeth that were attached to a 14-carat gold-type of "grill" -- or caps used to cover his front teeth."

So the suspects must have had an extraordinary, irresistible attraction to either teeth or to gold. Or to both.

Fortunately, there was a witness.

A Boynton Beach football player, 15-year-old Timothy Hayes, told police that he was "in the area, jogging, preparing himself for football season," but he didn't see the robbery -- just the police cars that responded to it.

Last week, Boynton Beach Police circled back to Hayes to arrest him. Hayes allegedly confessed to seeing his 19-year-old cousin Eric Pinckney and a friend -- later identified as  Marcus Troutman, 24 -- beating Pascual. He told police that Pinckney told him to go through Pascual's pockets. That doesn't quite jibe with Pinckney's account. He says that Hayes was the aggressor. Troutman also told police that Hayes was the one who violently kicked and punched Pascual.

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