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Where Have All The Cheap Beach Stays Gone?

That's what Bill Barber asks in a letter to New Times:

SENT FROM: browardpalmbeach.com

DATE/TIME: January 14, 2008, 10:59 am MST

SUBJECT: Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotels

LETTER: Our family has lived in the west Broward county for over 20 years and every winter we invite family to visit the beach where we all get together. This year we were not able to invite them to the beach because of the over priced hotels on the beach and lack of moderately priced hotels. After driving the area and checking prices we found there were no hotels even a block off the beach with rooms available and more than 8 condemned buildings that once were hotels. It is plain to see after visiting the tourism web-site that the fort Lauderdale beach has bushed out all of the moderately priced chain hotels and replaced them with high end resorts costing on average $350.00 per night.

what happened to the mid priced hotels on the beach, not every body can afford the high end luxury and based on the state of the neighborhood just off the beach it is not any better. Can you get the city to realize we need moderately priced hotels or to fix the abandoned buildings there making them into moderately priced hotels.

Sincerely, Bill Barber

I feel Bill's pain.

I also feel the pain of the people of Hollywood who have to deal with the Sun-Sentinel. The damn newspaper came out and endorsed ... Mara Giulianti for mayor.

Unbelievable. What an insult, not only to the people of the town, but to the newspaper's own reporters who helped uncover Mara's misdeeds, including the fact that her computer mysteriously broke down after state investigators asked for her emails in a criminal investigation involving the town's sewage scandal. That ended with the conviction of her closest ally, Keith Wasserstrom, who was also her son's law partner. The woman is damn lucky she wasn't indicted and if she had been, she'd most likely be waiting for sentencing along with her boy Keith.

What a clueless, disgusting board. Here's an email string that came across my transom:

From: [email protected] Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 7:41 AM Subject: Sun-Sentinel subscription

I will be canceling my subscription to the Sun Sentinel. I suggest anyone who loves the City of Hollywood (but not the City's leadership) do the same...

From: Lori E. Gold Sent: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 8:12 am Subject: RE: Sun-Sentinel subscription

Dave, I don't think that's necessary! Won't make a mediocre paper any better or worse. Better to renegotiate your rate!

From: [email protected] Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 8:50 AM Subject: Re: Sun-Sentinel subscription

You can't trust a newspaper whose editorial board is on the take. Patty and Beam I can understand, those are tight races and tight calls, but Mara?!? Even though I know Geo, Michael and John are stand up guys, who's to say anything they uncover won't be swept under the rug?

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