Randy Young
Randy Young
Photo: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Where the Wild Things Are: A Sex Offender's "Island" in West Broward

Where's a sex offender to live in South Florida? Well, judging by the restrictive policies in Broward cities, they should live somewhere else. They just didn't plan on a GPS-wielding sleuth like Randy Young, a former sex offender who places his fellow convicts in local housing -- the legal kind.

Young, who's the subject of this brief profile at TheAtlantic.com, found that neighborhood in Broadview Park. The fruit of his labors:

In 2007, according to the Broadview Park Civic Association, there were four registered sex offenders in the neighborhood; by April 2009, there were 106. Graciela Ortiz, a resident who had 14 sex offenders on her street, began to keep her grandchildren indoors.

Sorry to Ortiz and to the island's other neighbors, but I suggest taking your complaints not to the sex offenders themselves but to the city and county officials whose policies are to blame for this madness.


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