Where Was Rick Scott This Weekend? Possibly Trysting With the Koch Brothers

Eric Jotkoff, the Florida Democratic Party's communications director, has a question: Where was Gov. Rick Scott this weekend?

"Anyone else concerned that Rick Scott left the state during hurricane season during wildfire emergency and not tell anyone?" Jotkoff posted on Twitter.

According to the governor's public schedule, he hasn't had an empty weekend since he took office -- except for this past weekend.

It's a mighty fine coincidence that the governor would go missing for a weekend while the billionaire Koch brothers are holding an unpublicized conference near Vail, Colorado.

Sunday was the first day of what the Huffington Post calls a "4-day semiannual private retreat in the Vail area for wealthy conservatives and leading Republican politicians."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he was there yesterday, while Virginia's Gov. Robert McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli both confirmed today that they were there.

Scott's people, however, won't confirm -- or exactly deny -- that the governor was getting Koch'd out.

A Scott spokesman told a St. Petersburg Times reporter that the Koch brothers' conference was "not on his public schedule."

So it's official -- maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

Since the governor isn't talking, Jotkoff suggested people use the hash-tag of "#WhereWasRickScott" on Twitter to see if they knew where he was.

It's got some pretty good theories so far:

If you've got any better ideas on where Rick Scott was this weekend, let us know.

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