Where's That Smoking Jacket?

In it's story on Gov. Charlie Crist's chances of being picked as VP candidate by John McCain, here's how the Miami Herald and political columnist Beth Reinhard handle the whole big gay thing:

"Crist's moderate politics and bachelor lifestyle could rankle conservatives suspicious of McCain. Imagine their reaction if McCain picked a single man who has never owned a home, prefers to 'change hearts and not the law' on abortion, and has distanced himself from a campaign to ban gay marriage."

Ah, the "bachelor lifestyle." Such language makes you want to put on the fire up the ol' Victrola and enjoy a good rich tobacco smoke. Hey, it gets the point across to everyone who has been paying attention. And those that aren't? Well, don't expect them to start any time soon.

Reinhard's overall analysis is quite sound. The truth is that with or without the questions about his "bachelor lifestyle," he doesn't fit the bill for McCain, who needs to solidify the red-state Republican base. You know, those bitter folk who cling to God and guns to get them through the night. (I'm really starting to like Obama -- if he was elected he would raise the American IQ, which wouldn't happen with the other two.)

That's conventional thinking anyway. I take the contrarian view, however. I don't think Crist is presidential material (he's simply not a strong enough leader), but he would light up McCain's campaign, get some interesting national dialogue going, forever alter the GOP, and most likely deliver Florida. In other words, I think he would be a brilliant choice.

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