Who Is Al Cap's Mystery Bride?

Who Is Al Cap's Mystery Bride?

Deerfield Beach's ex-mayor, aspiring future mayor, and apparent master of suspense, Al Capellini, says he is marrying some woman. Who? That's for him to know and us to find out. Let's cobble together the clues, shall we?

For starters, we can rule out the swimming instructor that Capellini was courting in 2005 -- his junior by some 22 years. That didn't end well. And besides, we know from the Sun-Sentinel that Capellini's sweetheart is an architect. The same article says that she has a pet beagle named "Brownie." Now we're getting somewhere!

Over at Acts of Sedition, Chaz Stevens -- who will not be invited to give a toast at the reception -- says he's heard the fiance is a Brazilian.

So, how many Brazilian architects with a beagle named Brownie could there be in South Florida?

Oh, one more clue -- Capellini told the Sun-Sentinel, "She's not into politics and is a very nice lady and probably too good for me." Nope, that doesn't narrow it down a bit.


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