Who's Afraid of Helen Ferre?

I don't know how effective this ad will be for Amendment 4, but I agree with the sentiment. I remember once referring to Wayne Huizenga as a "civic vampire" (nothing personal). Glad they found a place for Nosferatu.

If you haven't seen it, the New York Times did a must-read article on Amendment 4 and, as we've done here on occasion, uncovered some exaggerations and outright lies being told about it by the power-elite opponents who have put $12 million into fighting it.  

You've probably seen the PBS show Issues with Helen Ferre, right? Ferre is always polite with her guests, so I don't know why anyone would be afraid of her. Inside see which two high-profile candidates chickened out of appearing on her show. Hint: One of them just had a "gala."

OK, it was Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl and his Republican challenger, Chip LaMarca. Keechl refused to appear on the show, and LaMarca never even bothered to respond to the invitation.

What's the matter with these jokers? Well, I really don't think they're afraid of Ferre -- it might be the no-party candidate who's running against them, Chris Chiari. And because they both flaked, Chiari got a full eight-minute segment on the show for himself, making an early reference to the Ceasar series on this here blog. Chiari does a good job on the video describing the problems facing Broward. Click on the link here to see it if the video below isn't working.

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