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Why Is Sean Taylor Dead?

Well, I don't believe Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker anymore than I do a dime-store detective. Parker announced yesterday that he believes the Sean Taylor shooting was random.

Parker claims to endorse a botched burglary. But I'm not buying that theory anymore. I had read early reports that said Taylor went looking for whoever was in his house, but it appears that the assailant knocked down a locked bedroom door to get to Taylor and shoot him.

Doesn't sound like a burglar's work. The robbers who hit the homes of Antoine Walker and Eddy Curry didn't feel the need to kill. No, the facts don't prove anything, but they indicate a hit, especially since nothing was stolen. A horrific, awful, goddamned hit. But who? Why? Former teammate and longtime friend Antrel Rolle, who plays corner for Arizona, says it was definitely no accident and that Taylor had been targeted by former friends in Miami for three years:

Rolle said he hadn’t talked to Taylor in a while, and that the Redskin had withdrawn from the crowd he hung around with to build a new life with his girlfriend and young daughter.

“There was so much surrounding him,” Rolle said. “Everyone was talking about him bad, so he just had to distance himself from everyone and live a life of his own. ... Within the last year, I’ve never seen anyone make such a dramatic change.”

Withdrawing from a bad crowd isn’t easy, though, Rolle said.

“They say it was a burglary. It absolutely was not a burglary,” he said. “Down South, where we’re from, there were many people targeting Sean, a lot of jealousy, a lot of angry people.

“Sean, he had a large group of friends, and he no longer hung out with those friends, so you never know where this came from.”

The way he talks, it sounds like gang shit. There've been previous incidents. On November 17, Taylor's home was broken into and the perpetrator left a knife on the bed. Last year, Taylor had some ATV's stolen and there was some fighting and shooting involved in that conflict. Jeremy Shockey, who played with Taylor at UM, said he was, like Shockey himself, a "wild child."

I've heard several women say they believe it was a female that did it, due to the shot in the groin/upper leg shot. But a man involved in what we like to call a "love triangle" might have done the same thing (and put the knife in the bed as well).

Or it could have been a lucky shot by an assassin. Or a wild shot by a berzerk burglar, or ...

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