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Will Eggelletion Bring Down Another Broward Politician?

The Broward State Attorney's Office made a generous accommodation of disgraced former County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, allowing his prison sentence in the state case to run concurrently with the one in the federal case. But those kinds of favors don't come cheap. I wonder what Eggelletion gave to prosecutors.

Remember, the state's case was unrelated to the federal sting in which Eggelletion agreed to launder money for undercover agents posing as dirty businessmen. Broward prosecutors alleged that Eggelletion took a bribe from Bruce Chait, the developer who allegedly sought Eggelletion's support on pending legislation.

At a minimum, prosecutors must have secured Eggelletion's testimony in the pending case against Bruce Chait and son Shawn. But a guy like Eggelletion, who's played for decades in the gutters of Broward politics, must have valuable testimony to offer against a bigger target, perhaps one of his former colleagues on the Broward County Commission.

Until we hear the full details from the State Attorney, we can only speculate, but my guess is that Eggelletion has offered to tell prosecutors interesting details about how a troubled engineering firm, URS, cozied up to Broward commissioners in hopes of landing a billion-dollar deal to oversee the expansion of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

As you can see from this Bob Norman article, there's nearly enough evidence to file corruption charges based on what we knew in 2007, let alone what additional secrets Eggelletion can tell.

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