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Will Feds Investigate Michael Satz, Too?

Let's see. Leon Fooksman and Chrystian Tejedor start us on a murder mystery in Boca Raton. Lisa Huriash stirs up a nest of envy in Sentinel readers, what economist Thorsten Veblen called pecuniary emulation. We know some people demand 40-foot swimming pools, theaters, billiard rooms, full-court basketball courts and such at their homes, but do we have to read about them in the morning newspaper?

Bill Hirschman does a good job of explaining that there is a big problem in the county's shuttle service for the elderly, but fails to hold the companies' feet to the fire. Here's a simple case of these transit companies promising the county more than they can provide, falling down on the job, and costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. But Hirschman, an excellent reporter, basically lets one company spokesperson prattle off excuses rather than going for the jugular. Maybe it's time to bring back Jesse Gaddis. Or is he already involved?

In the Post, Kevin Deutsch lights up the page with his story about a new Tequesta Village councilman who refuses to take the oath of office. It has to do with the war in Iraq and the fact that George W. Bush led the country into a criminal war that has cost this country thousands of gallons of blood and going on $400 billion. More power to Basil E. Dalack. He's gonna make somebody think.

And in a quiet Herald, Wanda J. DeMarzo and Jay Weaver tell us that two "top federal prosecutors" have joined in the investigation of Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne and BSO. This, of course, is the only hope for justice since the Broward State Attorney's Office has blown it, just as it has blown every single public corruption case during the past decade. What the feds need to do is stick around after they get done with Jenne. There's commissioners working for developers, city electeds working for biowaste firms, former hospital district board members steering public contracts to their cronies -- and there's a do-nothing protector of corrupt politicos named Michael Satz to look into. Call this one the Story of the Day, because it provides some long-lost hope.

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