Will Opine For Food

This from Herald Publisher David "We Are Stable And Vital" Landsberg:

From: Landsberg, David - Miami 
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 3:49 PM
To: .MIA Newsroom
Cc: .MIA Executive Committee
Subject: Job Posting for Herald Editorial Page Editor

Job Posting for Herald Editorial Page Editor
March 31, 2009

We are starting work on filling the very important position of editorial page editor, which directs the opinion staff and oversees the region's public debate.  It won't be easy choosing a replacement for Joe Oglesby, who will play an advisory role in this decision.

We're looking for candidates who have a deep knowledge of our region, leadership skills, strong writing and editing abilities, and an understanding of both the traditional and the new media elements of our profession. The editorial page editor shapes The Herald's stances on important issues, oversees the daily production of the editorial pages, represents the paper at many community events and plays a role in the leadership of the company.

The next editorial page editor will face the challenges of our time: Improving our work in a time of contracting resources. This means we're looking for innovations in opinion making and new approaches in developing our print and online content. We will place an emphasis on increasing our online presence and making good use of the expanding role of interactivity. The leader of the editorial board is a key bridge to the community that is South Florida and must be accessible to those representing all sides of the key issues.  The position will have a dual report to the publisher and executive editor. This is return to our reporting structure of some years ago and is aimed at helping the editorial page staff to take on the challenges outlined above. This will not change the important separation between the news and opinion staff.

Please talk with me or Anders if you're interested, or have a suggestion for someone who should be considered. We hope to name a new editor well in advance of Joe's departure on June 1 so the two can work closely together for a period of time. 

Thanks, David.

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