Alu, right, with Kim Rothstein
Alu, right, with Kim Rothstein

Will Rothstein Character Get Police Badge?

A well-known figure in the Scott Rothstein saga has applied for a job with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Considering Rothstein's former sway with the FLPD, do you think he has a shot?

Inside we'll answer that question. 

Of course, it's Joe "Meaty" Alu, who gained fame in Broward County as the sometimes-outspoken bodyguard for Kim Rothstein who once scuffled with a reporter outside the courthouse. Alu, a former Plantation cop who left his employ to work for Scott Rothstein after a steroids investigation, recently applied for a job at the FLPD. He took his oral board exam and passed, FLPD spokesman Francis Sousa told me today.

But it doesn't look good for Alu's potential hire, said Sousa.

"Based on the score he received, he was placed on an eligibility list," Sousa said. "We will not get to him on the list because his score is too low compared to other candidates."

While alu once said he would guard Kim Rothstein forever, the two split ways several months ago.


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