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Will This Stand?

I don't even want to give Spanish-speaking morning radio show hosts Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero more space on the Pulp, but dammit, I feel like somebody has to highlight what they're trying to pass off as humor. Pictured after the jump is "Al Jackson," a fictitious character on their El Zol radio show. It's not just unfunny, it really pisses me off. Let's be clear: Tough, politically incorrect humor aimed at any race or ethnicity can be brilliant and enlightening. But this is so racist and offensive it makes you want to puke. It's like a time warp to the Deep South, circa 1924. It's an instant Jim Crow Museum exhibit. I can't believe that this shit can fly in America, even if it is somewhat hidden in the Latin culture, more specifically the hardline Cuban exile community, which not only accepts but glorifies these two idiotas.

I just couldn't stand having this image on my home page anymore.
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