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William Bozman Jr., Homicide Suspect From Baltimore, Arrested in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale police announced today that William Bozman, Jr., a man with a warrant out for his arrest in connection with a robbery-homicide in Baltimore, was arrested near the corner of I-95 and Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale.

Bozman was wanted in connection to an attempted home-invasion robbery at his father's Baltimore residence. During the robbery, Bozman's alleged accomplice, a man named Marvin Cook, was shot and killed.

Bozman was apparently arrested two days ago by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Fugitive Unit, in conjunction with the FBI's Fugitive Task Force.

From the police release describing Bozman's alleged crimes:

One suspect, identified as Marvin Cook, B/M, 30 years of age, entered into the Baltimore residence, armed with a handgun, and confronted the sleeping homeowner, William Bozman Sr. Cook demanded money and ordered Bozman Sr. to open a safe, at which point a violent struggle ensued. Bozman Sr. was able to arm himself with a firearm and shot Cook. Cook later succumbed to the gunshot wounds he sustained while committing the robbery.

The Baltimore County Police Department Homicide Division conducted an investigation which revealed a co-conspirator in the Armed Robbery. The co-conspirator was identified as William Bozman Jr. On February 7th, 2011, Bozman Jr. was indicted and fugitive warrants were issued for his arrest.

Bozman is being held without bond and faces extradition to Maryland. He's been charged with: Attempted Armed Home Invasion Robbery With Dangerous/Deadly Weapon, Conspiracy to commit Armed Robbery, Burglary First Degree, Conspiracy to commit Burglary First Degree, Assault First Degree, Conspiracy to Commit Assault First Degree, Handgun Use During Felony Violent Crime, and Carrying and Transporting a Handgun.

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