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William Hahne Allegedly Smuggled NBOMe Into Broward Jail

It takes varying degrees of balls to sling any kind of drugs. Even your down-the-block teenaged weed hustler is working on some equation of eff-the-system brashness plus a healthy dose of stupidity. But to try to smuggle drugs into the Broward County Jail? That just might belong more to the latter category.

William Hahne did just that, according to court records. A 56-year-old with a history of criminal behavior in this area, Hahne is currently sitting in the very same facility he tried to sneak drugs into back in August. The kicker is that Hahne was already out on bond for a related drug from earlier in the year when he was picked up for the contraband. Also, we're not talking about weed or pills but 25I-NBOMe, the synthetic designer seeing an explosion of popularity, as we explored in a feature article earlier this year.

Hahne's relationship with NBOMe goes back at least to April. According to arrest reports, the Broward Sheriff Office thought it was going after LSD dealers that month when a confidential source was contacted by 28-year-old Tyler Madole offering to sell some acid. The source set up the meeting with an undercover deputy, who met Madole and Harry Roy Gunsenhouser. The two men were selling hits of acid for $3 a pop. The undercover officer offered to buy 900 hits -- $2,700. After making the deal, the two men were taken into custody.

Apparently, Madole and Gunsenhouser led investigators to Hahne. On the same day, law enforcement knocked on his door on Davie Boulevard. "The def gave consent to the Sheriff's Dept to search his residence for narcotics," the deputy wrote in his report. "The def showed detectives where he was hiding appox 13 grams of field-test positive LSD."

The report says Hahne gave a full confession on the spot. Although the drugs were originally suspected to be acid, later tests must have confirmed the substance was actually 25I-NBOMe. All three men were charged on April 18 with delivery of the substance, a first-degree felony.

Hahne, however, wasn't done with NBOMe. According to an arrest report, Hahne was taken back into custody in late August, this time charged with introducing contraband into the jail -- a second-degree felony.

"During the month of August 2014 the def mailed three separate letters to an inmate at the county facility," the arresting deputy wrote in his report. "Inside those letters... was blotter paper, on the blotter paper there was a scheduled narcotic, 25I-NBOMe." Again, Hahne allegedly gave police a full confession.

BSO could not give more details on the case -- like if the drugs actually circulated into the jail population or were intercepted. "While Mr. Hahne was criminally charged, this case is still open and pending investigation by other departments," BSO's Gina Carter told New Times in late November. "At this time, we cannot discuss."

A spokesman from the FBI also couldn't confirm or deny whether the bureau was investigating Hahne's case. He was charged in federal court in late November along with two other defendants -- Gregory Golden and Dean Aubol -- with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 25I-NBOMe.

For his part, Hahne also isn't talking. When New Times visited the defendant at the Broward County Jail over the weekend, he declined to talk.

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