With Hizzy, We're All Riding Coach

Let's see what's happening on Wa-Hi's search for a coach for the Dolphins. Let's see, Armando Salguero says in the Herald it's pretty much down to a choice between Jim Mora and Chan Gailey. Harvey Fialkov says in the Sun-Sentinel that it's pretty much down to Mora and Gailey. And Greg A. Bedard says that's it's down to Gailey and Mora in the Palm Beach Post.

Well, at least they're both proven -- proven mediocrities, that is. My God. Chan Gailey? Li'l Jimmy Mora? Can this be the best talent available in the world of football? What is the matter with Huizenga? Has he been breathing too much exhaust his giant car lots?

I've been screaming the name "Urban Meyer" from the mountain, but nobody's listening. Now I say install coordinator Dom Capers (who Huizenga just gave a huge raise to) as head coach, let him work there for a year and see how he does. If he's good, like playoffs good, let him stay. If he's not, get Bill Cowher.

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